Simone Scazzocchio

Hello Humans!


                Welcome to the virtual space I am currently renting! 


      My name is Simone and I work with sounds and silences.


                                                                              I organize pitches and noises in time 

                      a form of communication nobody fully understands

                                                                                                               because it has to do with

         emotions society relationships art psychology spirituality intellect belief-systems collective-consciousness 

                                              and can be pretty much connected to any aspect of humanity.


                                                                                                                             So it's fun cause it's different every time...  


                                                ...but also a responsibility cause music is never right or wrong: it simply represent exactly            the inner state of the person who created it... whether that person wants it or not, which I think is hilarious. :) 


    So anyway, check out the digital media present in these pages. It was created by myself alone or in collaboration                                                                           with other humans.


                         I hope you enjoy it. 


                                                                                          Please be in touch for collaborations or just to say hi. 


                    Much love,